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Aulicus Classics

Aulicus Classics is a virtual Auditorium where the breath of music envelops the listener. An artistic adventure involving a variety of artists and professionals in musical recordings, ranging from the great repertoires of well-known and admired composers, to sought-after and niche scores. Numerous internationally renowned artists have joined us on this journey to create quality recordings, both in the execution and in the search for emotional intensity. Alongside collaboration with established artists, Aulicus aims to give space and voice to young talents, who represent the artistic vision of the future.

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Amadeus Best

The story of Amadeus Classical Catalogue started in 1989 when Gaetano Santangelo, a passionate expert of classical music, published the first issue of Amadeus, the monthly magazine dedicated to great music. The magazine, distributed only on Italian newstands, was a great success and soon became the first major monthly magazine on classical music. This led to the idea of enclosing a physical CD with the magazine, an absolute novelty for the Italian market of that time wellcoming many world stars of classical music such as Herbert Von Karajan, Maurizio Pollini, Claudio Abbado, Martha Argerich, Leonard Bernstein, Riccardo Muti, etc as well as unreleased recordings of promising young artists, among them a talented Roberto Gini conducting the Ensamble Concerto for L'Estro Armonico by Antonio Vivaldi, a work that even today, after 30 years of illustrious dissemination, remains the flagship of the entire catalogue . The partnership between Aulicus Classics and the Amadeus Classical Catalogue is a great artistic and historical value for the musical heritage on a global scale.

Important notice
The Amadeus Best schedule is to release two/three albums per month for the digital shops distribution but in order to give our agents and licensors the possibility to use since now the entire catalogue for synch purposes, herewith enclosed is the list of the available masters with details about performers and others artistic informations. It is possible to supply on request a link of the selected master from where it’s possible to extract the track required by the client.

Please send your requirements to

List of all the albums not yet released singularly but available on request as recorded masters.List of all albums

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In Venice Sound

Since their first debut the Interpreti Veneziani (Venetian Interpreters) immediately gained a reputation for the exuberance and all-italian brio characterizing their performances. They alternate their concert calendar every year with performances in the most prestigious halls in Europe, United States, Japan, Canada and Latin America to realize their interesting and prestigious recordings. The Interpreti Veneziani (Venetian Interpreters) makes their productions in the San Vidal Church in Venice, founded around 1084, by Doge Vidal Falier and with a specific and unique acoustic quality, characterized by the one central nave of the church.

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